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Eve McGivern
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Eve McGivern This is NOT the Mourning Cloak goth doom band, just so you know. However, this IS very cool experimental, psychedelic folk music that I can't recommend enough. If you love weird neo-folk and dreamy psych music, grab this now. Favorite track: Runecast Heartflower.
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The very first release on Hand/Eye from 1995, Mourning Cloak's dark psychedelia and astral folk entwined in a mist of waking dream music.

Long out-of-print, available again at last only via bandcamp! Remastered for this 2013 edition.


released September 3, 1995



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Hand/Eye • Dark Holler Red Lion, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Stargazer
I lie looking through the sky
And through the fires of time.
Your gleaming eyes look back to me
From a universe away.

And my searching mind reaches
Your mind feeling mine
The feather-touch of eternity
Is lightning licking me

At this moment in space
I try to find the way to be
Indivisible, invisible,
A single body motionless

Yet this body of light
Is moving through everything
Individual, indefinable,
Falling into forever.

While the helix spins endlessly
And turns upon itself again,
In the tower of my being
I climb the ladder higher.

As still as can be,
My heart thunders inside of me.
In placid resistance,
Cells divide repeatedly.

And as I gaze on all the stars,
Five-hundred billion years flash by.
Each pinpoint in the nighttime sky
Is white light in your eyes.

We grew one from two,
Falling into forevermore.
Indefinable, individual,
A seed to plant a dream.

Our mind is starlight.
Our bodies are built from stardust.
Indivisible, invisible,
You are all of me.
Track Name: Runecast Heartflower
She walked across the desert as easy as the wind,
Her tears dripped down, they kissed the ground,
And silver petalled flowers bloomed
In her footprints in the sand.

As certain as the starlit skies that we both gazed upon,
Her hand gently moved across the page to me.
She sent me secret treasures:
Rune-carved pieces of her heart.

When the bright dreams gleamed, as they often do,
She opened up her window and whispered to the birds.
They listened very carefully
Then flew her words in song to me.

She came flowing to me, like the tide come in,
When the spring moon rose shining full and fat.
Her cleansing waters covered me
And I breathed her in.
Track Name: The Starlit Night of Waking Dreams
Nothing can be what it seems
In the starlit night of waking dreams

When the mirror breaks the image falls away
With the broken time days melt into days
The starlit eye sees everything
In the starlit night of waking dreams